Houghton Close Surgery, Ampthill, Bedfordshire

Houghton Close Surgery

1 Houghton Close
MK45 2TG
Tel: 01525 300898
Fax: 01525 406939

Laboratory Tests & Results

Please hand laboratory specimens into Reception before 12.00noon on weekdays.

Allow enough time for the results to come back and be processed (usually one week) before telephoning. Please note that we can only give results to the patient or to the parents of minors. The receptionist is not qualified to discuss your results. She/he can only pass on to you the message recorded on your results by the doctor. If the doctor needs to see or speak to you urgently regarding the test results, you will be contacted by the surgery. In all other cases, it is the patients responsibility to contact the surgery to obtain the laboratory test results.

When enquiring for a result please telephone after 2.00pm, when the switchboard is quieter and results will have been received and reported on by a doctor. Sometimes the Receptionist will ask you to make an appointment with your Doctor to discuss the result.