Houghton Close Surgery, Ampthill, Bedfordshire

Houghton Close Surgery

1 Houghton Close
MK45 2TG
Tel: 01525 300898
Fax: 01525 406939


General Practitioner

  • Dr Lisa Soeng (University of London 2018)

Practice Manager

Debbie Barry is our Practice Manager and is responsible for the running of the practice. She will help you with any questions about administration and non-medical aspects of your health and treatment at the practice.

Nursing Team

We have a very experienced team of nurses in the practice who all have varied skills and specialities as well as general nursing skills. 
Nicola Stokes is the Nurse Lead (Clinical).
The team includes Nicola Stokes, Kate Philbin, Kam Kaur, Claudia Tyson, Louise Borromeo, Victoria Robins, Caroline Phillips, Charlotte Eavis and our phlebotomist is Lisane Fry.

Practice Nursing Duties

Claudia, Louise and Charlotte can carry out practice nursing duties which include dressings, travel advice and vaccinations, childhood immunisations, ear syringing, smears, contraception, blood pressure checks, hormone replacement monitoring, ECG , new patient checks and NHS health checks, anticoagulation monitoring.

Minor Illness Nurses

Nicola, Kate and Kam are qualified as minor illness nurses. In addition they are nurse prescribers which means they can prescribe independently from the doctor. 

Skills that minor illness nurses can carry out include, asthma, colds and flu, viral illnesses, sore throats and tonsillitis, hay fever, sinusitis, eczema, skin complaints, muscular complaints such as neck, shoulder or back pain, regular and emergency contraception, vaginal discharge, cystitis, conjunctivitis, earache, skin infections, insect bites, sunburn, nappy rash and abdominal pains. The minor illness nurses will refer to the duty doctor if they have any concerns regarding a patient.  

All the minor illness nurses can also carry out annual asthma reviews, they cannot issue repeat prescriptions.

Specialist Clinic

Kate carries out an extended role as nurse prescriber and can do discharge reviews, medication reviews, co-morbidity checks where a patient may have more than one chronic disease such as diabetes and heart disease. Kate will be working closely with the Doctors in this clinic and will follow their recommendations and refer back to them whenever necessary.

Diabetic Nurses

Kate can carry out annual diabetic reviews.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Kate carries out annual COPD and spirometry checks (Lung function tests) but all the minor illness nurses can see COPD patients with acute attacks of COPD.

Chronic Heart Disease (CHD) and Stroke reviews

Louise and Claudia can carry out CHD reviews.

Smoking Cessation Advice

Nicola, Claudia and Victoria can carry out smoking cessation advice and nicotine replacement therapy.


Lisane Fry and Caroline Phillips have specific phlebotomy clinics but all the nurses are skilled at taking blood whenever needed.

Health Care Assistant

Victoria Robins and Caroline Phillips are our health care assistants. They can do dressings, ear syringing, New patient and NHS health checks, blood pressure checks and 24 hour blood pressure and ECG’s. 


Our Receptionists and Secretarial Staff are here to help you and their role is to ensure the smooth running of reception. 

They may need to ask you further details when you telephone to ensure that we can assist you appropriately, they are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the Doctors and Nurses.


Our dispensary staff are available to arrange repeat prescriptions and answer queries you may have about your medication.

The Dispensary is open from 9.00am - 1.00pm and again from 2.15pm - 6.00pm.

Telephone lines are only open for Housebound and elderly patients between the hours 10.30 and 12 noon and 2.30 and 4.00pm.