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Why Patients Should not miss their GP Appointment

Dated: 28-Jul-15

Whenever someone misses their GP appointment, a slot is wasted that could have been offered to another patient.  It is a problem that affects every medical practice resulting in longer waiting times to see a GP or nurse at their local surgery because of the numbers who fail to attend.  On top of that it wastes NHS resources, particularly when an appointment is cancelled at very short notice.

While there is sometimes a genuine reason for a patient not being able to make their appointment, in most cases it does seem to be down to forgetfulness, or the patient deciding they no longer need to see a clinician.  Most worrying is when a patient asks for an urgent same day appointment and then fails to turn up.

To help fit in with the daily demands of people‚Äôs lives, we offer different types of appointment including same day routine and urgent appointments, appointments bookable 24 hours in advance and six weeks in advance.  In addition to this most patients now have the option to book appointments online and receive a reminder by text.

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