Booking an Appointment

Please view information on our new appointments system which will be in effect from Tuesday 28th May 2019.

You can book an appointment by visiting our Consulting Room.

A proportion of Doctors appointments will be available to book up to 2 or 7 days in advance, the remainder being bookable on the day from 08:30.

The doctors share the emergency/duty rota and will not have any routine appointments on their ‘on-call’ day.

Check your Doctor’s Availability.

If you are registered with the surgery, you can see any doctor. You may request to see a doctor of your choice. However, if this doctor is unavailable, you will be offered an appointment with another doctor or can choose to wait until he/she is available.

You may be asked for brief details regarding your appointment request by the receptionist to enable them to advise you of the appropriate appointment for you. It may be that your query does not need to be dealt with by a doctor and you could be assisted by one of our Minor Illness Nurses, Clinical Pharmacist, the Dispensary, or sign posted to other community services.

Emergency Doctor Appointments

An emergency doctor is available Monday – Friday to deal with unforeseen medical problems and emergencies.

These appointments are available to book on the day. They are shorter in length than a standard routine appointment and are booked in time order.

It is our policy to only deal with the immediately concerning problem in these appointments.

Any other issues that you wish to discuss of a routine nature would need to be dealt with at an alternative appointment, booked for the future.

Patients using this clinic may find they have a long wait for their appointment. This could be due to either another emergency that is being dealt with prior to your appointment or the possibility of the Doctor having being called out to an urgent house call.

Why Patients Should Not Miss Their GP Appointment

Whenever someone misses their GP appointment, a slot is wasted that could have been offered to another patient. It is a problem that affects every medical practice resulting in longer waiting times to see a GP or nurse at their local surgery because of the numbers who fail to attend. On top of that it wastes NHS resources, particularly when an appointment is cancelled at very short notice.

While there is sometimes a genuine reason for a patient not being able to make their appointment, in most cases it does seem to be down to forgetfulness, or the patient deciding they no longer need to see a clinician.

Should you no longer need you appointment this can be cancelled online, by phone or via the MJOG text reminder service.