Fair Processing & Children’s Privacy Notice

Your Information, Your Rights

Under the new protection of Data Rules we have to make sure that

  • You know what information we have about you
  • You know that you can ask to see this information
  • You know who else we let see this information.

There is a person in charge of looking after your information who is called the Data Controller.

What information do we collect and use?

We collect information from you or about you from someone else or another organisation.

Your medical notes have information about your health and any treatment you have had from anyone else like a Hospital, or a Doctor at your home if you have been ill when we are closed or any other organisation that you may have been to about your health or wellbeing.

Some of this information is kept on paper and some are kept on the computer, but all of the information is kept safely and confidential.

Why do we collect this information?

The law says that we have to be able to

  • Make sure your health is looked after properly
  • Be interested in your health
  • Help to teach you how to look after your own health
  • Fill out reports to help the Government plan how to provide the best care
  • Help the Government understand the health of young people.

How do we collect the information?

We collect the information from computers that are specially designed to keep the information safe. We also collect some information on paper and this is also kept safe.

Who will we share the information with?

In order to make sure you always get the best care we may share your information with

  • Other Doctors in Bedfordshire
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors that you can see at night or weekends
  • Other organisations that may need to have this information like Social Services

We will only share this information with someone else if we think it is important for them to know to helpus look after you or if the law says that we have to share it.

As well as sharing your information, we could get some information from these other people that we will add to your medical notes.

How do we make sure your medical notes stay safe?

Everybody that works for us has to sign a contract which says that they will not give any of your information to any one that is not allowed to see it.

We only keep information about you for as long as the law says that we can.

Saying Yes

We don’t always need you to say yes or agree to us sharing some information about you, but sometimes we do.

If we need you to say yes sometimes we will write to you and ask you.

Can I say No?

You are allowed to say no if you want to. If you want to say no about something you will need to come in and talk to someone.

Health Problems

We look at lots of information on lots of people to find out if some of them have some problems that might mean that they will need extra care as they get older.

The people that work for us look at all this information and write reports for us or use the computers to get reports. If we think there is something that you need to know about your health we will contact you.

You can tell us if you don’t want us to do this with your medical notes, but you will need to speak to one of us.

Computer Notes

Your health notes that are on a computer can be looked at by other hospitals, Doctors and other people or organisations that look after peoples health. As well as this there is also a computer that has health  information on it about everyone in England. These computer notes can help us and others give you the best care that we can.

If you don’t want anyone else to see information about you then you can tell us and we will stop this happening.

If you change your mind, you can let us know and we can start sharing again.


You may need some treatment that has to be paid for. If this happens then we may need to give some information to the people that pay the bills.

Can You see your Medical Notes?

Yes. You can ask to find out what information we have about you in your medical records. Sometimes, some things we may not be able to let you see because it may upset you or someone you know. If you do want to see your medical notes you need to write and ask us. Address your letter to

Houghton Close Surgery
1 Houghton Close
MK45 2TG


If you think we have let someone know something about you that we shouldn’t have done then you should write and tell us what you think we have done wrong.

Address your letter to:

The Practice Manager
Houghton Close Surgery
1 Houghton Close
MK45 2TG

We will answer your letter. If you are not happy with what we say in our letter then you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office at

Wycliffe House
Water Lane

or online at www.ico.org.uk and tell them what you are unhappy with.

If you don’t understand anything in this leaflet or want to talk to someone about it just ask one of the Receptionists who will make sure you can see someone to talk about it privately.