New Patient Medicals and Health Checks

New Patient Medicals

Patients newly registered at the Practice are offered a check-up with our Health Care Assistant. It is important that all new patients take this opportunity to be seen especially if they have a complex medical history or take regular medications, as it can take between 6 – 8 weeks for your medical notes to arrive from your previous GP.

The HCA will take details of your repeat medications, height, weight and any other important illness that we need to be aware of.

Free NHS Health Check (patients aged 40-74)

We are currently contacting our patients in this age range to invite them to attend for a Health Check every 5 years.

If you have not received your letter yet then please speak to our team who will arrange an appointment for you.

Those patients who attend our specialised clinics already for diabetes, heart conditions, strokes, and high blood pressure will not be invited to attend a health check as all relevant checks are done in these clinics. However, if you have any concerns please make an appointment to see one of our GP’s.

Non NHS Medical Examinations

These include medical examination for HGV licences and insurance purposes.

These are by appointment with your Doctor and will be charged as recommended by BMA.