Practice Charter

Our aim is to provide a high standard of service, influenced by current thinking on best practice. We wish to involve you as much as possible in decisions affecting your own health.

We believe in treating all people equally and we hope that we treat you with courtesy and respect. We hope that in return you will treat all members of the practice staff with the same courtesy and respect.

As well as treating illness, our job is very much concerned with the promotion of good health. We ask that you consider carefully advice which we offer you on measures to promote good health and prevent illness in the future.

The aim of our appointment system is to enable us to provide an efficient service so that we can see people at convenient times whenever possible. We ask you to understand that there may be occasions when it may be difficult for us to offer an appointment at the most convenient time. However, any person who needs to be seen urgently will be seen the same day.

We aim to work as effectively as possible so that delays in seeing us are kept to a minimum. If our surgeries run late because of urgent cases or long consultations we ask you to be patient. Our reception staff will advise you in the event of unexpectedly long delays.

We will arrange a home visit as appropriate for those who are housebound or are too ill to come to the Surgery. We believe that we can provide a better standard of service, in most instances, in the surgery, where we have ready access to equipment and facilities not normally available at home.

We ask that you should only request the services of the emergency Doctor out of hours for matters that cannot wait until the surgery next opens.